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England training session gatecrashed by 'full kit wanker'

And for once, it's not Karl Power

England training session gatecrashed by 'full kit wanker'

We've all laughed at the rise of the 'full kit wanker' - someone for whom just wearing an XXL replica shirt over their distinctly unathletic frame is not enough. No, they need to also wear the official club shorts, official club socks and - if you're the Jamie Vardy lookalike who crashed their Premier League title celebrations the other week - an official club colour forearm cast.

But what started as a bit of fun - even Vardy himself christened his lookalike with the term - looks like it's gone too far.

Harry Peak, a pirate radio DJ and the son of a Club Wembley member, has been forced to apologise after donning a kit and invading the pitch at St George's Park during the first training session for England's 2016 squad.

He sneaked on halfway through but was quickly led away by England physio Gary Lewin.

Peak issued an apology via Twitter which stressed that he had informed the players as soon as he went on the pitch, so they knew he wasn't a threat.

Which begs the question, what on earth was the point? If you're going to do it, at least commit to it. And why bother doing it at a training session? Get on a proper pitch son.

Other Club Wembley members were less than impressed.

Karl Power really set the standard, managing to sneak on the pitch for a photo with Manchester United in 2001 and later walking out to bat for England at Headingley later that same year. He even had a song written about him by Black Grape. Come on Harry: must do better.