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Energising Skincare Products

Clue: Do not contain Lucozade

Energising Skincare Products

Our expert Ahmed Zambarakji answers your questions below:

Q: Hi Ahmed, Can you tell me what exactly an ‘energising’ skincare product is supposed to do?

Alan, London

A: Good question. An energy formula wont make you move faster, nor will it perk you up like a shot of espresso (though some do contain an ‘invigorating’ fragrance). Rather, energising formulas are designed to charge up lagging skin cells that, over time, will help restore ‘worn out’ complexions. With sports-inspired actives ranging from by caffeine to creatine, these formulas delay the visible signs associated with burning the candle at both ends and so appeal to ‘work hard, play hard’ men.

If all-nighters don’t agree with your face, there are several great options out there including Shiseido’s new Active Energizing Concentrate (which boasts several anti-ageing benefits to boot) as well as Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Transformer, a fatigue-fighting formula that packs in some cunning optical diffusers and a bit of tint to give the impression of a good night’s snooze. More budget conscious blokes can look to L’Oreal Men Experts Hydra Energetic products to hide the fact that you’re slowly falling apart on the inside.

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