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Ed Sheeran has revealed the final fate of his 'Game of Thrones' character

You'll probably be happy with this...

Ed Sheeran has revealed the final fate of his 'Game of Thrones' character

Ed Sheeran is the most popular recording artist in the world and, despite his music sounding molar-crackingly annoying, people bloody love him. That’s the kind of clout you need to get offered a cushy cameo in the world’s most popular drama, one Game of Thrones.

While his appearance was brief (his character was not even blessed with a name), viewers were *pretty* annoyed about seeing him gurning on a log, strumming a fucking loot, playing a ditty ("It's a new one..." his character said) as Arya Stark showed up for a quick chat. It would be his only screentime, and we'd like to to think that Arya got out her needle and gutted the freak and his gang of young soldiers. 

After previously saying that his character doesn’t die in the show, Sheeran doesn't totally disagree with our desired version of events, although the means is a little vague. "We were all quite young, those soldiers," Sheeran told MTV News. "I doubt I'm going to survive for that long, to be honest, when there are dragons in the world."

So yeah, I reckon we say say he’s dead. He’s a goner. Probably roasted by Drogon on the battlefield in ‘Spoils of War’. That would be good. Let’s say that’s what happened.

Sheeran accepting his fate id a glob of realism not often seen in his music – where you can usually find the warbling troll-boy chatting up women by the side of the road in Ireland instead of getting pint glasses lobbed in his general direction – and we almost respect him for his honest and, even more unlike him, his self-awareness.  

“No one wants to see me come back,” he said. “I wanted to be a cameo in it, and I’ve done the cameo.”

We're sad that we won't get to see The Sheeran gutted and flayed by the show's gore-horny writers, but happy to see the back of him. Swings and roundabouts, really... 

(h/t Hello Giggles)