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Ed Miliband has criticised Theresa May for sucking up to Trump

The former Labour leader says these are "not normal times"

Ed Miliband has criticised Theresa May for sucking up to Trump
27 January 2017

Banning refugees, endorsing torture, signing an anti-abortion gag, making plans to build a wall across the border of Mexico (expect more to come too)’s safe to say that Trump has had a fairly eventful first week in office, which has now been slammed by Ed Miliband , who told the BBC that these are “not normal times”.

And with Britain about to enter the fray when PM Theresa May meets POTUS in the Oval Office later today, the former Labour leader has also declared that it was a “mistake” for PM Theresa May to get so close to Trump and his outragous policies.

“To align yourself so closely with his project, which is what she did, that I think was a mistake,” stated Miliband on BBC Two’s Newsnight, who also described a new trade deal with the new US administration as a “dangerous Trojan horse”.

When quizzed whether he would’ve went to meet Trump, he said, “Yes, but I wouldn’t have been speaking to senior republicans. I prefer Merkel to May in the way this has been handled, who said yes a sponsored_longform with America is important, but on the basis of certain norms and values of human rights, of commitments to equality.”

Given May’s unenviable position – looking to secure a big trade deal with Brexit looming, hoping to secure the Special Relationship with a mad man – we’ll never be exactly sure if Ed really would have been so hard on Trump if he were Prime Minister, but fair play to him for speaking out.

Watch the full interview below.