EA Sports might have accidentally leaked Manchester United’s new kit


If you thought Manchester United’s shirts were red, wait until you see their executive’s faces…

In possibly the biggest blunder it could have made short of putting Gareth Barry on the cover of FIFA 17, EA Sports has just inadvertently given away United’s home strip for next season; normally an event in itself.

United forward Anthony Martial, one of the faces of the new game, was pictured on the EA Sports website today sporting what appeared to be the club’s brand new kit, complete with new Premier League badge.

The image was swiftly deleted, but of course by then it was too late - the goods had been seen.

It’s not the first time the new strip has been seen – between leaked factory shots and carelessly left promo shots in Asia, it’s been a difficult enough time for bosses hoping to keep the big reveal under wraps – but for such a global brand to mess it up is one hell of a veritable own goal.

[Via: Fansided