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The five most exciting PlayStation announcements from E3

There's some bleak, beautiful stuff coming soon

The five most exciting PlayStation announcements from E3
12 June 2018

It was Sony PlayStation’s turn to unveil their new stuff at E3 last night, and while there were few surprises, with the majority of news coming in he form of updates and new footage rather than newly revealed titles, there’s some glorious-looking stuff coming from them. 

1. The Last Of Us Part II

The sequel to one of the greatest games ever made, The Last Of Us Part II has been described by the developers as being about hate where the first one was about love. It makes sense – this one seems much more driven by vengeance than the growing affection the fueled the first game – but man alive, for a game about love The Last Of Us sure involved a lot of extremely violent deaths! A new trailer debuted at E3 overnight featuring Ellie as a playable character – while you played as her at a few points in the first game, it looks like you might spend the brunt of this game in her shoes, which is a refreshing move. Also, the LGBT storyline originally seen in the first game’s expansion pack has been brought into the main storyline – good work, Naughty Dog.

2. Death Stranding

Long in the making, and a labour of love for Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding still has no release date but finally has some gameplay footage. Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Léa Seydoux, it’s a deeply strange tale of environmental collapse, deliveries, babies and Christ knows what. Kojima has claimed in the past that, just as the Metal Gear games invented a whole new genre (stealth games), Death Stranding is currently classified as an action game but is more like a new genre of its own. However it turns out, it’s definitely going to be interesting, and Kojima’s commitment to his vision is admirable.

3. Ghost of Tsushima

The one problem with things set in feudal Japan is that there’s never enough explosions. That could be put to rights with Ghost Of Tsushima, a new stealth title from the makers of Infamous that is about as stunning looking as anything we’ve ever seen – it’s, like, real? But better? Big-ass swords, split-second timing and truly shocking gore: this looks like a lot of fun.

4. Spider-Man

We’ve been really into every bit of footage that’s come out of the new Spider-Man, and the package they showed at E3 is no exception – it looks like it’s taken everything amazing about the fantastic Batman Arkham franchise, but gone bigger, brighter and even more, uh, vertical. Plus the sheer number of ways they’ve found to weaponise what is basically firing bits of string out of your arms is incredibly impressive. Spray it in someone’s face! Grab a brick and smash it in someone’s face! Stick yourself to a baddie and launch yourself at their face! Fantastic stuff, and all in glorious, beautiful daylight.

5. Resident Evil 2

But but but, you cry, Resident Evil 2 came out in 1998. It’s older than half the players in the World Cup. What’s going on? This is a high-tech, hella-shiny complete remake of a still-beloved game, and while it looks really impressive in 3D, the gaming landscape has changed in twenty years – Capcom might have to pull a few new tricks out of the bag for the remake to have the impact of the original.

And there’s more…

Alan Wake creators Remedy are bringing out Control, a trippy, time-bending, vaguely Inception-esque sci-fi noir that has cult hit written all over it.

Dark Souls makers From Software are making a VR game named Déraciné that looks like a completely different type of horror to what we normally see – quiet, eerie and haunting over loud and violent, but no less likely to make you scream like an idiot.

There’s been a Kingdom Hearts trailer of some kind shown off at basically every presentation at E3. This one was based around Pirates Of The Caribbean. Nobody is into Kingdom Hearts, yo. Nobody.