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E.T. thwarted in latest attempt at getting home

Keep trying you plucky extraterrestrial

E.T. thwarted in latest attempt at getting home
03 January 2012

Contrary to appearances at the end of Steven Spielberg’s classic tearjerker, E.T. has been trying to get home for 30 years now. The poor mite.

However, while you or I might have given up by now, the bog-eyed creature certainly is a determined old soul. His latest attempt to be reunited with his folk saw him swimming in the direction of the English Channel.

Well, that’s what we like to think the life-size replica of E.T. was doing when coastguards pulled him out of the drink in Old Portsmouth recently.

In reality the doll (is it a doll?) had been stolen from Margaret Wells’ house in Hampshire in September. Mrs Wells came to care for it after her daughter crafted it as part of a stage make-up course.

We still like to think E.T. was just trying to get home though.

Image: Solent