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Dyson's new £400 hair straighteners were tested on the beards of engineers

The Dyson team went above and beyond to test these beauties

Dyson's new £400 hair straighteners were tested on the beards of engineers

Dyson is a brand renowned for pushing the boundaries of technology. Only a matter of years ago the world was amazed by their Supersonic hollow hair dryer - and now it appears the brand has done it again with a new pair of cutting-edge hair straighteners.

What sets the new Dyson Corrale straighteners apart from the rest I hear you ask? It’s the newly patented Dyson flexing plates, apparently.

The straighteners incorporate something called microhinged plate technology which involves adapting the shape of the plates in order to gather hair together.

The brand claims the new design will deliver “enhanced styling with half the damage” - news that will be music to the ears of those who enjoy polka straight tresses.

Dyson's new straighteners were te

The technology, which was developed by the brand in their research and development labs, claims to apply even heat and tension to each strand of hair by keeping them perfectly aligned - ultimately placing less reliance upon the use of heat.

“For Dyson engineers, improvements – breakthroughs – only come by questioning, testing and often trying the seemingly illogical,” notes Founder and Chief Engineer, Sir James Dyson.

Things do, however, start to get a little weird when you discover some of the unconventional testing methods used by the Dyson team.

It’s claimed that male engineers were required to grow their hair in order to try out the new design, while those who were found to be follically challenged donned wigs in order to participate in testing.

One engineer even resorted to straightening his own beard. Now that’s dedication.

Like most Dyson products, the new cordless design certainly looks the part. The sleek, compact concept is pleasing on the eye and looks to be ideal for those who enjoy styling on-the-go.

That being said, like most Dyson products, the tech doesn’t come cheap.

The Dyson Corrale straighteners currently have a price tag of £399 and are available in Dyson stores and from the Dyson website.