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Dune Part 2's colossal run-time has been revealed

Prepare to remain seated - and don't forget the snacks

Dune Part 2's colossal run-time has been revealed
Danielle de Wolfe
18 January 2024

While Dune fans were elated at the news a Dune 2 was definitely in the works, little has yet been revealed about the forthcoming instalment.

The Timothée Chalamet smash saw audiences swarm to theatres when the film first hit the big screen back in 2021.

Claiming an impressive six Oscars last awards season, news of a sequel quickly set the internet abuzz with speculation following the announcement.

Now, further details about Dune 2 have been revealed - including its rather impress run-time.

Dune was always meant to be a two-part cinematic experience, however, a sequel was never formally confirmed.
That's because the two movies were not made back to back, instead director Denis Villeneuve made the first movie, with the hope that it would garner enough box office success to greenlight the second film.
With its run-time now confirmed at just over 2 hours 45 minutes according to IFCO, it's safe to say we'll be going for the extra large popcorn, drink and all the sides to see us through this instalment.

That means the new film comes in at 10 minutes longer than the original.

With Florence Pugh set to join the cast as Princess Irulan, she'll join Elvis star Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha, Baron Harkonnen's deadly nephew.

It follows the news that David Lynch's lost Dune 2 script has finally been found.

The script for the sequel to his wild 1984 movie emerged after being thought of as missing for years.

But now, an unfinished draft, entitled Dune Messiah, has finally surfaced in archives at California State University, Fullerton, according to Wired.

Either way, we're rubbing our hands with glee at the prospect of a sequel.

Speaking to ShortList about the two films previously, Villeneuve noted the experience of making them couldn't have been more difficult.

"On Blade Runner I was really trying to honour and respect the work of someone else," he noted. "On Dune it was more about trying to write a love letter to a book I love."
And Dune is a book he loves. The copy he read as a teen was with him when we spoke to him, with Villeneuve revealing: "What I like is the presence of the book as I'm going through the journey. I love the words, they will forever be close to me."

Dune: Part Two arrives in cinemas on March 15.