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Dumb criminal can't get enough of Facebook

Now tagged in jail

Dumb criminal can't get enough of Facebook

If you're a criminal, it's probably advisable to keep your Facebook presence to an absolute minimum. In fact, it's best to just avoid the site completely.

Lest we forget the genius who posted a picture of him stealing petrol from a police car. But, in another astoundingly stupid piece of news, it appears that wrongdoers just can't get enough of Facebook.

Over in Colombia, two men entered an internet café (yes, they still exist), rented some computers, surfed the net and then, instead of paying, they revealed their guns and robbed the place.

The police arrived soon after and discovered that one of the guys had forgotten to log out of Facebook. Facepalm! The police then found his address and he's now in jail.

We'd like to say that there's no Facebook in prison but, well, there probably still is.

[via Gizmodo]