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Dry Cleaning

Superdry launches new fragrance collection

Dry Cleaning

Ubiquitous UK streetwear brand Superdry has made the brave but inevitable venture into fragrance. And they’ve not gone about the job by half measures either.

They’ve debuted with no less than three fragrances in an effort to keep up with the 'collection' trend that’s been spearheaded by the likes of Lacoste (the L.12.12 trio) and Ralph Lauren (Big Pony Collection).

The Dry by Superdry Fragrance Collection provides varying degrees of - wait for it - 'dryness', whether in the form of an aromatic-woody juice (Dry), a fresh-citric concoction (Double Dry – the clear favourite) or a more seductive blend of vanilla, lavender and iris (Dry Oil).

The very antithesis of those oceanic summer scents, this collection is drier than a cork leg. Brownie points for the bottle design, which mirrors Superdy's rough and ready aesthetic perfectly.

The Dry by Superdry Fragrance Collection costs £55 RRP for 100ml;

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