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This company wants to pay you to travel and get drunk

*Quits job immediately*

This company wants to pay you to travel and get drunk
10 February 2018

If you’ve ever thought your job would be better if only you were totally trashed the whole time you were doing it, boy have we got the opportunity for you!

Union Wine Company, an Oregon based drinks manufacturer, are looking for someone to join their “road trip events team”, which will be travelling “from Oregon to the East Coast and back” this summer in a mobile wine bar.

They’ll be “making pit stops at some of summer’s best music festivals, store openings and outdoor events”, apparently, and are looking for a bubbly, outgoing person to help them out.


It may sound like a dream job, but delve a bit deeper into the ad and it sounds a little less glamorous. Union says that whoever gets the job will be away from home for “extended periods of time” and will have to “work long hours” and “adapt to stressful and changing conditions”.

You’d also have to “lift 50lbs repeatedly” as well as actually navigate and drive a huge truck, which also sounds considerably less fun than the dream of getting pissed up in a van we were originally envisaging.

Back to quietly developing a drinking problem outside of office hours, then!