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Drake’s new £476,000 watch features a fully working roulette wheel

It’s not exactly subtle.

Drake’s new £476,000 watch features a fully working roulette wheel
Holly Pyne
17 February 2020

Drake is definitely not known for being an understated dresser, and his latest watch is as far away from understated as you can possibly get.

The rap superstar was splashed across Jacob & Co’s Instagram before posting photos of himself wearing the one-of-a-kind watch.

The so-called Astronomia Casino watch is worth nearly half a million pounds. And boy, there’s a lot going on.

Not only does the watch have a fully working mini roulette wheel - complete with a little ceramic ball - there is also a rotating magnesium-coated globe and another arm with a 1ct 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond, which turns on itself in 30 seconds.

All of this, plus the Roman-style time display are encased in a 28mm-thick 18K rose gold/sapphire crystal case.

So how do you make the roulette wheel work? You do have to wait until 8 o’clock but then you can press the pusher, which sends the rose gold roulette dial spinning and the ball bouncing before it lands on a winning number.

And you’ll need all the winnings you can get because this Jacob & Co. watch is priced at a whopping $620,000 (approx £476,000).

Though we imagine the sales from Drake’s new champagne collection - Mod Selection - would definitely help.

Via HypeBeast