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Planet Earth II filmmakers returned all those lost baby turtles to the sea

You can finally stop crying, because the crew helped them make their way to the water

Planet Earth II filmmakers returned all those lost baby turtles to the sea

We saw alligators killed by jaguars, penguins left bloodied by bouncing off rocks and frogs protecting their wasp-stung offspring in the utterly breathtaking episodes of Planet Earth II, but nothing left us as teary eyed as seeing those baby turtles emerging from the sand and making their way towards the bright lights of the city rather than the ocean in the last episode of the hit animal doc. 

Eaten by crabs, run over by cars, trapped down storm drains, the glow of the city confused the newly born turtles into thinking it was a full moon, something that guides them to the ocean. But instead many were led to their death. Or so we thought...

Your Christmas can now continue in a happy fashion, as the BBC has now confirmed in a Tweet that the crew working on the beach scene returned the turtles back to the sea with the help of the Barbados Sea Turtle project, which saves thousands of turtles every year from the perils waiting for them off the beach.

Sir David Attenborough has said in the past that ““If you’re a film cameraman you are trained, as it were, to be the observer, a non-participant. That’s very important.”

But a BBC source has said that as the lights of the city were a man-made problem, it only seemed fitting for man to intervene to save them.