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Don't fall for this latest Apple ID scam

You're not going to want to trust this text message

Don't fall for this latest Apple ID scam

Have you received a text informing you that your Apple ID is about to expire?

It might look a bit like the following...

You need to avoid that link like it's a NSFW video sent by your mate Kev during a company quarterly report. 

While it might appear to be a genuine message from Apple (it knows your name and everything), this is the latest phishing scam designed to con iPhone users into sharing their Apple ID and password.

Should unwitting recipients click on the link, they'll be taken to - what looks like a legitimate Apple page that requests users input their details to prevent their account expiring.

On inputting their details, users will be instructed that their account has been locked for "security reasons". Computer security specialist Graham Cluley followed the scam through, reporting that the phishing site then asks for your date of birth, telephone number, address, and credit card details.

With access to your Apple account (which might be linked to your banking details, if you're using Apple Pay) and all of these additional details, the scammers will effectively have the potential to take control of your digital life.

So - don't open that link, and never give your details to any message informing you that your details are about to expire/your account is running out of storage/you need to reactive your profile. It's almost certainly a phishing scam. 

Stay safe. 

[Via: Independent/Graham Cluley]