Donald Trump tweeted a made-up word and Twitter is losing its mind

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Dave Fawbert

So this is where we’re at in 2017 guys. This is it. The biggest piece of ‘news’ we have so far today is that a man has tweeted the word ‘covfefe’.

As the future of the world seemingly hinges on the missives that come from President Donald J. Trump’s Twitter account, it is slightly concerning that his latest tweet just stopped abruptly with a completely made-up word. Unbelievably, the tweet is still up (at the time of writing).

What does it mean? Did he collapse midway through (yet still manage to hit ‘Tweet’)? Has he finally lost his mind?

Is it art?

We have no idea. But the internet has a few.

UPDATE: The President has spoken:

Thanks Donnie. We think?


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