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Here's the incredible presidential benefits Donald Trump will be entitled to

Presidential seal M&Ms anyone?

Here's the incredible presidential benefits Donald Trump will be entitled to
19 January 2017

President Trump. President Donald J. Trump. Let that sentence sink in for a moment, eroding your very sanity as you try to figure out how America just turned a traditional election into a possible doomsday scenario come January 20th’s inauguration.

It's awful, rotten, unfair. Nothing we can say or do here will change that, but the fact remains: Trump is the new leader of the free world, and when he enters the White House, he’s also going to get some truly incredible perks (proving the idea of ‘getting what you deserve’ entirely incorrect).

Here we’ve rounded up some of the most insane things the country’s new Commander-in-Chief can expect both in-office and out.

While serving as president:

A bowling alley and his own dentist in The White House

Think you know the White House? Think again.

In 1969, Richard Nixon had a bowling alley installed in the basement, and despite Obama’s promises to tear it out and replace with a basketball court, it still remains today.

As well as the bowling alley, the White House basement is also home to a carpenter’s workshop, and engineer’s workshop, a florist and a dentist. Oh and there’s a 40 seater cinema with La-Z-Boys on the front row.

Trump will even get his very own top secret zip code, which friends and family can use to send him letters directly to the Oval office. And everyone needs clearance to access the Oval Office to meet POTUS, even the First Spouse – so if Melania and the kids try to march in they’ll have to get clearance first.

The coolest plane of all

Air Force One is the name given to the presidential private jumbo jet. At first glance it looks like any other Boeing 747, the only visible difference being a custom paint job, but first impressions can be deceiving and in terms of features and specs, Air Force One is in a league of its own.

The nose of the airliner houses a presidential suite, featuring a shower, dressing room and a gym. Further back there is a communications room, and there is said to be hundreds of miles of wiring running throughout the plane. The new President will also enjoy the use of several meeting rooms as well as a dining room capable of supplying 2,000 meals and areas for press, security and medical staff.

And should anyone be worried about safety, the exterior of the plane boasts mirror-ball defence technology, capable of throwing off infrared missile guidance systems. It also comes with M&Ms given special Presidential seals (below).

The presidential limo, a.k.a The Beast

The presidential Cadillac limo, lovingly referred to as The Beast, has received a makeover for the inauguration of the next president, and while the features of the new car are top secret, we can give you a run down of the current Beast’s specs.

Seriously, this thing isn’t called The Beast for nothing, it could certainly give the Batmobile a run for its money.

Pump action shotguns, bulletproof glass, tear gas cannons, 8” thick armour plating, night-vision cameras, oxygen supply and even a container of the president’s blood type for emergency transfusions. These are a few of the features which earned the vehicle its nickname.

A LOT of security

Protecting the president of the United States is no easy task but it’s one the the Secret Service do every single day.

While staying in hotels the secret service will secure three floors for the president, do a sweep of all electronic devices on those floors, and conduct background checks on every single member of staff.

When out and about the president is given three layers of security personnel to surround him, making it almost impossible for anyone to cause any harm. They also have the power to close off entire highways for the president to travel on.

On his last trip to the UK Obama was escorted by a twelve strong motorcade, three mini-busses, three helicopters and a colossal network of staff, numbering well into the hundreds.

Camp David

Even the most important people in the world need a holiday now and then, and as luxurious as the White House is, it is essentially an office. That’s why Presidents have Camp David, a swanky country retreat sat in a Maryland forest 62 miles from Washington.

Guests arrive at the secluded country resort by helicopter and are treated to a shooting range, swimming pools, bowling alley (notice a theme emerging here?) and a gym.

The camp is in the middle of the woods and it’s not exactly small. In fact it’s made up of twelve individual cabins.


After serving as president:


Presidents can look forward to a pretty hefty pension scheme on their retirement.

The presidential pension is currently capped at $200,000, which if we’re being honest, we think is quite a lot.

A former president’s spouse can also be paid an annual pension of $20,000 so long as they aren’t receiving a pension from anywhere else.

The pension begins as soon as a president leaves office. Not bad going at all.

More security

Former presidents and their spouses are treated to security courtesy of the Secret Service for life. This security plan also includes any children up to the age of sixteen.

The Secret Service won’t release details of the cost of their presidential after-care but it’s rumoured to number into tens of millions for each former president.

Obama recently reinstated it for himself and his family once he leaves the White House this week.

Presidential townhouse with hidden tunnels

Blair House is a luxury townhouse situated directly opposite the White house and former presidents are always welcome to use it as a guest house.

The five-story house has multiple dining rooms, bedrooms and is connected to the White House via a secret tunnel housing Secret Service operations.