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Donald Trump owns 3,643 websites about himself


Donald Trump owns 3,643 websites about himself
21 February 2017

What can the every man do about Donald Trump apart from angrily tweet or Facebook?

Well, you could start an online revolution by starting a website called

Except your genius keyboard warrior plan may go belly up because a Business Insider report has found the Trump Organisation has bought that domain name along with 3,152 others including:

According to the President’s son Eric, it’s common practice to buy up domains and that while not all of the domains were live, they were just a fraction of the "tens of thousands" of URLs owned by the company.

He said:

"It's just a smart thing to do, and it's a great way to protect yourself [from predatory people].

"For a company like ours, it's incredibly important to protect ourselves, and it's incredibly important to own our intellectual property."

The President's son, Eric Trump. Credit: REX Features

Speaking of which, some of the other URLs are indicative of previous business intentions and failures by Trump’s company. Take a look at the below:

Ventures like Trump Vodka tanked after no one bought it back in 2006. was bought back when Trump tried to create a show for Broadway to no avail, and is in reference for when he asked to put OJ Simpson on The Apprentice which was shot down by TV network NBC. 

But the most interesting insight is how long he’s been planning his political rise for, having registered the following domains:

Perhaps most terrifying is which we hope never comes into fruition. 

Funnily enough though, Gizmodo points out that the President hasn’t had the foresight to buy up yet.