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Donald Trump’s lawyer tweets pictures with a bunch of black people to prove he's 'not a racist'

Oldest trick in the book

Donald Trump’s lawyer tweets pictures with a bunch of black people to prove he's 'not a racist'
Tom Victor
17 August 2017

Amid all the suggestions that Donald Trump sympathises with white supremacists, one might expect his lawyer to come out in the President’s defence and argue that Trump isn’t racist.

Instead, he’s gone one better and tried to prove that he, Donald Trump’s lawyer, isn’t racist.

After all, a racist wouldn’t hire a non-racist lawyer to defend him, right? Check and mate.

Unfortunately, the sort of person who is stupid enough to align himself with Donald Trump in 2017 is also the sort of person who thinks you can prove you’re not racist by simply posting a bunch of smiling photos alongside black people.

Step forward Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney who went viral back in August of 2016 after an interview with CNN in which he repeatedly responded to questions with ‘says who?!’

Cohen decided that this period of turmoil and violence in America was the perfect time for him to prove his credentials as a ‘non racist’ by tweeting a picture of himself with a bunch of black people.

I think we can all rest assured in the knowledge that this is not how it works. Was it worth a try? Almost certainly not.

“Just because I support [Donald Trump] doesn’t make me a racist,” Michael Cohen’s caption reads.

Now, I don’t know about you, but including that opening caveat sounds an awful lot like’s he’s suggesting…no, that can’t be it.

No idea why anyone would think merely representing Trump might put you at risk of people thinking you’re a far right sympathiser. No, not a clue.

(Main image: Rex Features)