A Taiwanese police force has recruited six extremely tiny puppies and no one can cope

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Dave Fawbert

Let us say right now: you are not prepared for this.

You might think you’re prepared, but you’re not, because this is a barrage of cute that will break a man in seconds. Think your day is going badly? From this moment on, it’s going brilliantly. You’re welcome.

The New Taipei Police Department in Taiwan’s K-9 Unit have introduced their newest recruits to the public – and the public has responded by going ‘aaaaaaah’ really loudly.

They are six American Labrador puppies called Fushin, Schumann, Feida, Yige, AJ, and Liang, and they’re the first puppies ever recruited to the unit. Officers will take turns to look after them and their mother and father (who are called Yellow and Leader) through the night. They’ll eventually become detection dogs.

They’re all just a month old and are so cute it’s ridiculous. You’re not here for the words though are you, you’re here for the pictures. So here they are.

This is Fushin, who according to the captain of the K-9 Unit, Pan Tian-long, "is the naughtiest and the bossiest"

Oh god just look at them

It's a littlest little dog

There he is

We'll confess to anything, just let us stroke the dogs

Good grief

This is too much

We're not crying, it's raining outside OK

What a dog

He's so little

Come on this is ridiculous


Alright one more


(Images: New Taipei Police Department K-9 Unit)