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This guy got matching tattoos with his dog, but made one huge mistake

He could have just asked someone first

This guy got matching tattoos with his dog, but made one huge mistake

The one saving grace when it comes to embarrassing tattoos is there will almost always be someone out there with a worse one than yours.

We recently learned women are most attracted to men with at least one tattoo, so it’s no surprise to see so many of us going out and getting ink.

It doesn’t always end as well as these, though.

For example, former Premier League footballer John Carew tried to get a tattoo saying – in French – “my life, my rules”. However, the end product was slightly different.

Similarly, we’ve seen plenty of cases of Chinese text which doesn’t say what you might have been told when you asked for it, or drawings so uninspiring they need to be fixed up at an extra cost.

But spare a thought for this guy, who wanted to show solidarity with his dog but turned out to be barking up the wrong tree entirely (sorry).

He noticed his pup had a tattoo, presumably given to him by his previous owners, and was a little taken aback.

No worries, though. He could get a matching one himself to make little Fido feel less self-conscious. And that’s exactly what he did.

If you’ve got a pet dog, you might have already figured out what the problem is. If not, here you go.

That’s not exactly a tattoo, or at least it’s not for style.

The marking is a standard symbol to show that the animal has been neutered.

Has the man also been neutered? He’d probably claim otherwise, but I don’t know, the symbol seems pretty conclusive.

It just goes to show that maybe, just maybe, you should try asking literally one person who might know about markings before going all out and getting a tattoo which you publicly document.

Still, at least he’ll have a lovely little icebreaker of a story next time someone asks him about the ink.

(Images: Marvin Meyer/imgur)