The year’s biggest meme is also the year’s best low-effort Halloween costume

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Tom Victor

When it comes to the award for the most 2017 thing possible, surely ‘dressing up like a meme’ is right up there.

Of course, this is millennials we’re talking about, and we all know they’re used to getting awards just for participating - apparently - but you get the picture.

Anyway, back to that meme costume, which may well be even better than Will Poulter’s effort.

Now, you probably remember the Distracted Boyfriend meme, which feels like it began years ago but is actually just a few months old.

The original is at the top of this article, but some brilliant adaptations dominated social media for much of the summer.

You’ve probably seen some cracking Halloween costumes this year, but ask yourself this: are any of them so pointlessly specific that you’d be terrified of having to explain them to someone who doesn’t spend all their time on the internet?

That’s right, it turns out what we were missing in previous years was meme costumes.

And not just meme costumes, Distracted Boyfriend meme costumes.

People really put a lot of effort into these.

This must have got tiring after a while.

Hats off, though.

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