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British actor Will Poulter dressed as his lookalike - Sid from 'Toy Story' - for Halloween

Best celebrity costume of the year, hands down

British actor Will Poulter dressed as his lookalike - Sid from 'Toy Story' - for Halloween
30 October 2017

Every year, celebrities put us all to shame with their impressive Halloween costumes.

Yes, the money and time at their disposal means they can often put a lot more effort into it than others, but we’ve got to hold our hands up and applaud some of the better efforts out there.

Usher was one of this year’s best with his reinvention as Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.

While elsewhere, some regular joes arguably did even better with their creations.

However, the star of the show this year might well be British actor Will Poulter.

The Londoner, whose biggest roles include parts in The Revenant and Son of Rambow, has often been said to resemble Sid from the Toy Story films.

Here’s Poulter as he normally looks.

And here’s the character he has been likened to.

Some people might have opted to do everything within their power to play down the resemblance, but instead Poulter opted to lean into it.

The result was one of our favourite Halloween looks of 2017.

And to make it even better, Will also used the costume to make an important point about bullying in schools.

He wrote in an accompanying note to his picture of the costume:

“It was time…

“This Halloween I thought I should respond to the comparisons with Disney Pixar’s biggest bully next door and go as Sid from Toy Story!

“In addition to having a laugh at my expense I wanted to try and raise some attention for a cause I am an ambassador for! @antibullyingpro.

“As this month is Bullying Prevention month in the USA and Anti-bullying week in the UK is just around the corner, I would really appreciate it if you could please give them a follow before you like or share and help support the cause to make school a safer and happier place for young people. Thank you!”

Taking the piss out of yourself all for a good cause - Will is clearly a good sport.

The bar has been well and truly raised for 2018.

(Images: Rex Features/Pixar/Buena Vista Pictures)