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Disney has given us a first look at Star Wars land

Disney has given us a first look at Star Wars land

Disney has given us a first look at Star Wars land

If you thought the Death Star plans were impressive, wait until you cop an eyeful of this…

Speaking at The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60, a massive celebration of all things Mouse House, Harrison Ford gave assembled audience members a mammoth preview of the Star Wars attractions coming to Walt Disney World Resorts not so far, far away (California and Florida).

After a short introduction, fans were whipped into a suitable frenzy as a ton of new artworks and first-person ride footage hit the screens to highlight just what level of detail these immersive worlds will go to when eventually opened.

As the narrator says: “Imagine stepping aboard the Millennium Falcon and actually piloting the fastest ship in the galaxy, banking left, right, firing the laser cannons, you're in complete control. Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a battle between the resistance and the first order in a race against time. You've watched the saga, now enter these authentic locales with your every sense engaged. You're meeting droids and aliens, entering otherworldly street markets, actually tasting the local delicacies, and going upscale at the planet's best dinner club, or for the truly adventurous, heading down to the local cantina.”

Topping it all off, audiences were then treated to Star Wars Live In Concert, as the franchise's orchestra played a few of the classic songs and BB-8 rolled on stage to project some accompanying video.

To be fair, they had us at Star Wars.