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Everyone needs to know these dirty tactics businesses use to trick you

Don't get caught out

Everyone needs to know these dirty tactics businesses use to trick you
04 January 2018

It’s something that’s happened to almost all of us - falling for shady sales tactics or being duped by hidden costs. While they may not necessarily be illegal, these secret measures are very underhanded and could mean customers are left out of pocket.

Now, in new Ask Reddit thread, user Vendamn909 asked: “What is a dirty business tactic that you know and everyone should be aware of it?”

These were some of the eye-opening responses…

1. Making it really hard to cancel your membership

This is an incredibly annoying one – when companies make it really hard to cancel your membership or subscription. Sometimes you have to call up or even book a meeting time to cancel your plan, and Redditor Al3khine says companies deliberately hide the button to cancel a subscription in the place that is the most difficult to find. 

Hidden cancellation pages - the worst

2. Hidden insurance costs

When you’re booking something online like a plane ticket, look out for hidden insurance costs that might not actually offer you much protection. 

3. Shady sales tactics

Reddit user TemplarReflex777 explains how sales people will tell customers that a deal is only available if they buy before they leave the shop – something that is almost always untrue. 

Don’t believe all the sales tactics you hear - sometimes they’re simply bullshit

4. Get your raise in writing

This one sounds simple but is something lots of might overlook: whenever you’re offered a raise, always get it in writing so the offer cannot be withdrawn. 

5. Differently priced menus for different customers

One Reddit user said they know of a restaurant that gives differently priced menus to different customers according to the car they drive, where they choose to sit and their ethnicity.

One Redditor says he knows of a restaurant with differently priced menus for different customers 

6. Why ‘new and improved’ might not mean much

Redditor Spudral claims that some companies will make a very minor change to a product and then rebrand it boasting that it’s ‘new and improved’. 

7. What to look for when buying a new car

Another Reddit user says that when you’re looking to buy a new car you should make sure to check that the engine light comes on temporarily – otherwise it might have been tampered with. 

8. Shop floor secrets

Some supermarkets will go to ridiculous lengths to get you to fork our more money, even down to changing the flooring between aisles.

9. Deliberately treating you badly

Some high end retailers will train their staff to be deliberately rude to customers, in order to make them want to ‘prove themselves’ and therefore spend more money.

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