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Diageo is using AI to find the best whisky for you

Ensuring there will never be a dull dram again

Diageo is using AI to find the best whisky for you
Danielle de Wolfe
02 December 2019

Have you ever found yourself browsing the pages of whiskies while placing your online supermarket order, yearning to branch out from your go-to but not really knowing where to start? Fret not, for drinks giant Diageo has now created an AI whisky profiler to solve that very problem.

Entitled ‘What’s Your Whisky’, the new Artificial Intelligence and machine learning led concept aims to help shoppers discover their future favourite Single Malt Scotch whisky.

The nifty creation can be accessed via internet-connected devices and uses flavour profiling to identify spirits that might tickle their fancy.

Taking users through a series of questions - well, 11 questions to be precise - the aim is to better understand a user’s individual flavour preferences in order to suggest relevant offerings.

Diageo's new AI whisky profiler will select your next favourite tipple

Questions reportedly include the novel “how often do you eat bananas?”, alongside the heart-string tugging “how do you feel about chillies?”. It really is an emotional roller coaster.

The survey’s results create a unique “Flavour Print” that takes into account smokey, spicy, sweet and fruity notes found in whiskies, then suggesting varieties of single malt that are similarly matched.

“We are using our extensive consumer knowledge, whisky expertise gathered over hundreds of years and AI technology to help consumers discover, explore and enjoy Scotch in new and exciting ways,” says Dr Adeline Koay, principal scientist, research and development for Diageo.

Fancy trying your hand at whisky profiling? Pop over to the What’s Your Whisky site and spend a few minutes filling in the questions.