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The Devialet Phantom Reactor is back with a brand-new look

It's looking better than ever

The Devialet Phantom Reactor is back with a brand-new look
10 October 2019

You might have already come across the Phantom series – a high-end, high-quality range of speakers from French brand Devialet.

And now the iconic speakers will be available in more than just the classic white, with a brand new matte black version of the company Phantom series launched today.

The company notes that the matte finish was achieved by using an "aqueous paint solution... creating a soft touch and smooth finish capable of handling intense power and pressure".

Devialet also clearly has an eye for detail. The Reactor series took three years of R&D, and the development of this new shade has also involved precise work – creating a matte black colour involved "some very technical challenges" when it came to keep to keeping the brand's acoustic requirements.

The result is a speaker as high-quality and immersive as the original, but in a shade more likely to blend into the background. As for adaptability, a Devialet app means you control what you're hearing – so whether you're watching a film, binging on a TV show or listening to music, you're in complete control of the acoustics.

If you're into the really geeky details, the company's press release also illuminated exactly how the speaker works. An Analog Digital Hybrid combines analog and digital tech, whilst a 'mathematical model' ensures "perfect control of the mechanics of the speakers".

There's also a feature called 'Heart Bass Implosion' that gives bass sounds depth and physical impact, and an 'Active Cospherical Engine' to make sure the sound is diffused uniformly around a room.

If you're convinced, you'll be able to purchase the Reactor from today. Available at Selfridge's, Harrods, John Lewis and online, the speaker will cost £990. And if you want to shop around, you can also peruse our pick of the best speakers.