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Destiny is about to get a lot easier to join in with

The Collection will help newcomers get stuck in

Destiny is about to get a lot easier to join in with

Destiny is big. Huge. Spectacularly massive. Astonishingly vast. 

For those who didn't pick up Bungie's open world shooter when it launched back in September 2014, the notion of dipping a toe into its countless worlds, vast space battles and heaps of lore is somewhat intimidating. There's so much to see, so much to do - where the heck do you start? 

Mercifully, as the game celebrates its second birthday, Bungie is set to release the perfect starting point for new Destiny players: Destiny – The Collection.

The £49.99 title bundles together the many chapters of Destiny into one pack: on launch (20 September) you'll get Destiny, its expansions The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King, and the latest release, Rise of Iron (Buy it before 20 September, and you'll get all the releases before Rise of Iron arrives).

Collection players will gain a significant character boost, allowing you to get stuck into the meat of the game and join friends in multiplayer battles rather than having to work your way through the better part of two-years of levelling to stand a chance of competing. For a taste of all the action, check out the launch trailer below.