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You can get free chips delivered right to your desk today

It's easy, and anyone can do it

You can get free chips delivered right to your desk today
Tom Victor
18 August 2017

As a wise woman almost said, “It's Fry-day, Fry-day Gotta get free fries from Deliveroo on Fry-day”.

If you have an account on the food delivery service, you’ll be able to get free fries at a selection of restaurants today – all because it’s Friday, and someone noticed Fri sounds like fry. Genius.

And yes, before you point it out, we know everyone calls them chips over here. But Chip-day doesn’t sound nearly as good, does it?

You can get the free side from restaurants including GBK, Almost Famous and Handmade Burger Co, but it’s not quite as simple as getting your fries and being done with it.

GBK? More like Free-BK, amirite?

According to Metro, you’ll need to order a main course to get your free Fry-day fries.

It’s pretty simple, though. Go to the ‘Free Fries Fry-Day’ tab between noon and midnight today, select a restaurant, choose your main dish, and then you’ll have the option of adding free fries.

So yeah, not an outright freebie, but you’re still getting a pretty sweet deal out of it all.

And let’s face it. It’s Friday, you’ve had a long week, you’ve listened to Rebecca Black as many times as is humanly possible and it still isn’t helping. You deserve this.

(Images: iStock/Rex)