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David Lynch's Netflix short stars him and a monkey

It's David Lynch – of course it's surreal

David Lynch's Netflix short stars him and a monkey
21 January 2020

David Lynch is never predictable – I mean, have you seen Eraserhead? The kooky director is known as much for how off the wall he can be as he is for how invariably brilliant his TV shows and films are.

And his latest venture is no exception. To celebrate his birthday, Netflix quietly released What Did Jack Do?, a short film starring Lynch and... a talking monkey. Of course.

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Lynch stars as a detective, interrogating a monkey who may or may not have killed somebody in the dining room of a train station. It's all in black and white and has an old-fashioned, film noir vibe: think Brief Encounter, except there's a monkey at the train station rather than some polite and star-crossed lovers.

It's actually not a new film, and big fans of the director may already have seen it: initially made in 2016, Lynch has shown the film at various film festivals and other appearances.

What could be more exciting, however, is the prospect of Lynch teaming up with Netflix on new material. Twin Peaks is a timeless classic – so a new, big budget TV show like that backed by the streaming giant could provide us with something very special indeed.