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Vivid Bowie neon portraits paint the icon in a new light

The Starman has never burned brighter

Vivid Bowie neon portraits paint the icon in a new light

Up there with your greats - Attenborough, Beckham, Hockney, Baddiel - Bowie was on another level of cool for a man with the humble first name of David.

Though what really set him apart from the rest - aside from his god-like talents for music - was that he couldn't be defined by a single style, or trend, redefining himself time after time, decade after decade in a flurry of buzz-generating appearances, each transformation at one with his quest for artistic endeavour.

Which brings us on nicely to this awe-inspiring new exhibition from UK Neon artist Louis Sidoli, mapping the man's most famous looks with luminous piping. The Golden Years exhibition celebrates the greatest moments in the rock icon's career, from 1970 to 1980, and will be open to the public at London's Halcyon Gallery 23-25 September.

Each unique piece is made from around 180 components and takes up to six weeks to create – a combination of sketching, metallurgy, engineering and neon glass work.  

The Starman has never burned brighter.