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Dark Souls III launch trailer looks darkly brilliant

What a lovely way to die

Dark Souls III launch trailer looks darkly brilliant

There's one important thing missing from the new Dark Souls III launch trailer.

Death. Loads of death. Controller-breaking, day-ruining death.

The relentless embrace of death, as yet another attempt to beat that vast crab boss ends in your lifeless body being tossed from its vast claws.

Don't give up all hope though - the eventual moment of victory is made all the sweater by Dark Souls' familiar brutal difficulty, as we found when we got to grips with a near-final build of the game last month.

The new trailer unwraps more of the mysterious storyline, revealing yet more giant nasties waiting to smash your face into the world's gorgeous gothic scenery. No, it won't be an enjoyable experience - but the moment you crack that one challenging foe, you'll wonder why you ever bothered playing another video game ever again. 

Dark Souls III arrives on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on 24 March