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Cult Posters

All hail new design genius

Cult Posters
11 March 2011

There's no point us pretending anymore. We love posters. When Athena closed down, we cried a river. If we had our way, there'd be no such thing as blank walls.

But this doesn't mean that we'll hang/blu-tack any old one-sheet up. You won't find one of these monstrosities disgracing the walls of the ShortList office.

Which is why, when genuine poster greatness comes our way, we get a little bit excited. This brings us to Matt Needle, one of our new favourite people, who created these awesome designs for a selection of cult properties. From TV (Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire) to music (Joy Division) to film (A Clockwork Orange, Blue Velvet), Matt's work deserves to be a staple of any student abode.

If you fancy getting one for your own place then check out Matt's site here.

Blue Velvet

Mad Men

Mulholland Drive


Joy Division

Boardwalk Empire

True Grit

Twin Peaks

The Killer Inside Me

A Clockwork Orange