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There's already another 'Laurel and Yanny' and it's even stranger

This is possibly the best one yet

There's already another 'Laurel and Yanny' and it's even stranger
18 May 2018

Think ‘the dress’ was cool? YAWN! That’s so 2015.

How about ‘Yanny vs Laurel’? Nope. That is *old* news, my friend. Even Donald Trump and the White House staff are weighing in with their own cringey video response

There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s here to freak you out. That’s right - the internet has just birthed another creepy sound illusion and it’s spreading across Twitter like wildfire.

The short clip was shared on the social media site by a company called Tomango and when you listen to the video, you can either hear the word “Brainstorm” or the words “Green Needle” depending on which one you think about. Have a go…

And to make this story even weirder, the clip was first uploaded as part of a Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix toy review and had absolutely nothing to do with any sort of auditory illusion. 

DosmRider, the YouTuber who filmed the video, expressed his bewilderment on Twitter.

And to somewhat solve the riddle, the specific toy he was reviewing is called Brainstorm.

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More than likely, the trick can be explained thanks to the way the brain perceives information. Referring to a similar auditory illusion, Professor David Alais told The Guardian: “Often the mind flips back and forth between two interpretations. This happens because the brain can’t decide on a definitive interpretation.

“If there is little ambiguity, the brain locks on to a single perceptual interpretation.

“All of this goes to highlight just how much the brain is an active interpreter of sensory input, and thus that the external world is less objective than we like to believe.”

So there you have it. On a personal note, this is definitely the freakiest illusion I’ve come across yet. It even sounds demonic. Happy not sleeping for the next month to me! 

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