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10 craft beers you should be drinking this weekend (9-11 Feb)

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10 craft beers you should be drinking this weekend (9-11 Feb)

If ticking the Friday-Sunday ‘fun’ box this weekend involves you hiking up a treacherous mountain with your pals, scoring some sweet new trainers, escaping from the city with your other half or doing abso-lute-ly nothing but goggling at a new Netflix series and wiping Pringles dust from your chin, one thing’s for sure: if you’re doing your weekend right, you’re doing it with a slew of gloriously good beers within reach.

And reader, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that happens. Not just this weekend, but next weekend, and every weekend until the end of days. Every Friday, we’ll be leaning on our learned booze-pro buds to recommend the powerhouse suds you should be reaching for as soon as 6.01pm swings around.

So, after last week’s inaugural brews bulletin, let Paul Marshal, beer buyer at online bottle shop Beer Hawk, raid his virtual shelves for the finest craft beers you could possibly throw down your face this frosty February weekend…

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The one to crack open at 6.01pm on a Friday

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Northern Monk - Faith (Pale Ale, 5.4%)

“It’s a deliciously juicy modern pale ale packed full of tropical, citrus fruit and pine flavours. It impressively carries the hop character of a beer twice its abv and at only 5.4%, in a 440ml can, it’s my number one choice for after-work beers.”

The one you won’t have tried before

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Basqueland Brewing Project - Imparable (IPA, 6.8%)

“I first tried this while on a buying trip in Paris and I was absolutely blown away. It’s a perfect example of a West Coast-style IPA, with plenty of grapefruit and orange to taste and a wonderful mix of papaya, pineapple, guava and pine resin aromas. Absolutely perfect.”

The hedonistically heavyweight one

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Schneider Weiss - Aventinus Eisbock (Brown Ale, 12%)

“Born as a result of a beautiful brewing mistake, this supercharged German is like a goblet full of banana and bubble gum. It’s a warming bedtime hug in a bottle.”

The one for a Saturday afternoon on the sofa

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Founders Brewing - All Day IPA (Session Ale, 4.7%)

“It does exactly what it says on the tin. Give me this beer, all day, every day, and I’m happy. Brewed to have the big hoppy character of an IPA but also a light, easy drinking body and lower ABV, it’s crisp, refreshing and fruity.”

The old faithful one to always have within reach

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Augustiner – Helles (Lager, 5.2%)

“An absolute classic from Munich’s oldest independent brewery and, in my opinion, the shining example to all beer makers of the perfect lager. Breadiness and light malts are balanced with just a touch of hop bitterness. It’s my desert island beer.”

The one that’s dark as hell

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Sori Brewing - Conca D’Oro (Stout, 11.5%)

“The finest beer I tried last year, from a brewery that I hadn’t really tried before, from a part of the world I had previously not tried beer from – Estonia. You’ll find coconut, chocolate and liquorice, with a spicy, oaky note courtesy of the Chianti barrels it’s aged in. Ridiculously decadent.”

The one to stock your fridge with for your mates

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Magic Rock - Dancing Bear (Lager, 4.5%)

“When one of the best breweries in the world tackles a German pils, it’s time to stock every shelf in your chiller with it. The beer dances across your palate, while a big whack of aromatic dry hopping gives it its claws.”

The one that’s sessionable without being mind-numbingly boring

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Track Brewing – Sonoma (IPA, 3.8%)

“I genuinely believe this is one of the best pale ales in the UK right now. It tastes like sunshine, has a late citrus fruit aroma and finish, and feels about three times its 3.8% - it’s perfect for when you’re looking to maximum flavour at a sessionable abv. I can’t get enough.”

The one that’s a wild flavour bomb

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Pohjala – Laugas (Strong Dark Ale, 12.3%)

“When you talk about ‘wild flavour bombs’, this barrel-aged ale ticks all the boxes. Imagine a liquid cinnamon bun, laced with exotic herbs, juniper berries and spicy caraway. Truly unique and a real pleasure to drink. Perfect if you’ve got a sweet tooth.”

The one to get you prepared for Monday morning

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Bosteels – Kwak (Belgian Strong Ale, 8.4%)

“At times like these you need a classic go-to beer that comes in a classic glass to calm your nerves, and it doesn’t get more classic than Bosteels Kwak. A quintessential Belgian Strong Ale packed full of delicious malts and spicy hops, but with that amount of alcohol, best take it steady…”