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Could red wine gin be the ultimate boozy combo?

Shiraz gin is back for the 2019 season

Could red wine gin be the ultimate boozy combo?
13 August 2019

Red wine: good. Gin: good. But what about a combination of the two?

That’s exactly what Australian distillery Four Pillars Gin offers. It produces a Shiraz-flavoured gin, which it says combines “delicious sweetness and pine forest notes”. It also has a “light hint of Christmas spices”, which sounds pretty tasty us.

Shiraz bloomed beautifully in Victoria, the company says. “And that’s given us another belter of Bloozy Shiraz Gin vintage”.

This gin infusion has been around since 2017, but the new 2019 crop has just been released.

"After a good spring rain, summer brought serious heat resulting in more dominant dark fruit notes than 2018 – tons of delicious plum and blackberry,” it continues. “Straight up you’ve got those pine forest notes, white pepper and spices, and the gin is beautifully balanced with a delicious sweetness and nice tannins to finish."

But how to drink it? Four Pillars suggests adding a good quality tonic, or simply drinking neat with ice.

If you want to get your hands on a bottle of the gin, you can buy it online. But it’ll cost you. Each bottle retails at £48 – so probably one to savour rather than glugging down on a Friday night without much thought to what you’re tasting...

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