Coolest Movie Lego Sets From Toy Fair 2015


"It's for my [insert younger relative here]" is a fib that's going to be used a lot this year.

In the cluttered halls of New York's Toy Fair 2015, LEGO has been drawing a crowd of old and young with one of its largest releases of film and TV-inspired model collections to date.

Back in the late '90s, LEGO's indestructible build quality and limitless creative scope conspired against the Danish toy company: their bricks were so reusable that people had stopped buying new sets, resulting them in posting a loss of £23m in 1998. In the following year, LEGO released its first Star Wars-themed set - forming a film franchise model they've built on ever since (sorry).

We've selected some of our favourite movie models from this year's Toy Fair, including new Star Wars builds, teasers from the upcoming Jurassic World film and an assortment of brilliant Marvel builds. You'll be wanting to bookmark this for your Christmas wish list...

(Images: Lego Wikia)


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