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If you have this rare old £1 coin, don't get rid of it just yet

You could be sitting on a nice little earner

If you have this rare old £1 coin, don't get rid of it just yet

It’s that time again: it’s time to get your coins out! Put your hands in your pockets and pull out all those damn coins. Open your drawers, cup all your coins and fling them into the ceiling. Rip off the cushions on your sofas, put your mouth down the back crease, and suck, suck all the chunky discs out. Sellotape a trowel to each arm, lie on a skateboard and luge down the road, scooping up coins from the gutter, scoop scoop scoop go the arms, scavenging for coins, juicy juuiiicy coins, hi-ho!

What I’m trying to say is, don’t chuck out or exchange your old £1 coins yet.

The reason you shouldn’t do this, is because some of them may be worth quite a modest packet. Particularly if you’ve got the extremely rare 2011 Edinburgh City coin, which was limited to only 935,000 issues and scores a maximum of 100 on Change Checker’s scarcity index. They reckon you’d have to rummage through around 3,000 £1 coins to find one.

If you do find one of these suckers, then you could end up palming it off to someone for up to £20, which is a nice little profit, should you be asking. But don’t sell it until the old pound coins go out of circulation next month, because the price will go up even more.

Here’s a list of other rare £1 coins that’ll be worth holding onto, too:

On the other hand, if you’ve got just some old, normal, shitty, boring, actually-worth-one-pound coins, then you can get them swapped out for fancy new ones or deposited into your account at most high street banks (even after they go out of circulation). 

It’s either that, or melt them down to make a swish and groovy crown that’ll really make all the other kids jealous down the rec centre.

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