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The original green Power Ranger wants to be CM Punk's next opponent

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The original green Power Ranger wants to be CM Punk's next opponent
21 February 2017

It’s fair to say that CM Punk’s UFC debut didn’t exactly go to plan.

It took rising star Mickey Gall just over two minutes to force the former WWE Champion to tap out when they met in the Octagon last year, and since then 38-year-old Punk has been looking for a chance to redeem himself. 

Well he could be in luck, because Jason David Frank, better known as the original green Power Ranger, has been eyeing up the reinvented superstar since he made his UFC switch, and he’s still there – just waiting.

Frank won his only professional MMA bout to date, and while Punk initially laughed off the challenge, at this point the ‘90s pop culture icon might just be his best bet.

And the UFC would surely be bonkers to say no to a fight between a cult wrestling hero and an actual Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

Frank talked up the fight in a recent appearance on the Primo Nutmeg podcast. “They would love it,” he (correctly) said. “If Punk fights again, everybody at the base, everybody that owns UFC wants me to fight him. If he fights again, that's definitely something I would like to do. I got a chance to visit some of the WWE guys backstage at their shows, it's much like the UFC. I'm not talking about the fighting, but the energy everyone puts into the show. One way or another I'd like to get involved with WWE or UFC just to please the fans."

He added that he wouldn’t be in for the money, assuring listeners that he’d take the fight for a dollar if that was the deal on the table.

Is Dana White really going to deny the world this once-in-a-generation clash between two icons of spandex? Probably yeah, but we’re already picturing Frank walking out in full ‘Rangers clobber.

(Main image: Rex features)