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Citymapper is launching its own bus

Because normal buses are so mainstream

Citymapper is launching its own bus

Everybody’s favourite journey-planning app, Citymapper, is launching its very own bus service. 

Citymapper CEO Azmat Yusuf told WIRED UK that the company are launching a central London route, CMX1, which will travel “from Southwark to Blackfriars, west to Waterloo bridge, and back along the South Bank.”

They’ll be smaller than normal buses, accommodating about 30 passengers, and will swap the iconic paintbox red of the London bus for a bright green colour. Inside the bus, according to WIRED, will be “USB charging points, large displays to advise users on when to get off… [and] custom-built tablet interfaces to stay informed in real-time on traffic, passenger numbers and headway”. Pretty snazzy. 

Unfortunately for bus fans, if those people do in fact exist, it’s only running one route in Central London, and only for two days. But Yusuf did tell WIRED that the company are looking to offer “dynamic” bus routes in the future, that change route and frequency depending on both demand and traffic.

Until then, you’ll have to suck it up and wait for a normal, un-dynamic bus without USB charging points and with the added soundtrack of 14 people’s tinny, leaking headphones. Sorry, mate.