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Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew has got a big announcement to make

Oh Chewie, you tease.

Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew has got a big announcement to make

Oh Chewie, you tease.

Earlier this week Peter Mahyew sent Star Wars fans into a fit of fuzzy excitement when he tweeted this:

While shots of the original script are certainly cool, it's the "big announcement" that's whetted the internet's appetite. 

Here's what we think the Walking Carpet might be about to announce.

He's about to retire

With production on Episode VIII recently starting, there's a chance that Mayhew's announcement links to his continued involvement in the franchise.

Mayhew has suffered from knee issues in recent years, having knee replacement surgery in 2012 (understandable, given that he's 71).

If problems are already harming his performance the production might have taken the decision to allow Mayhew to step down and allow a new actor to fill the furry suit. Mayhew might be about to announce the man replacing him. 

Likelihood: 3/5 Roars

He's going to show off a new, darker Chewie

Or perhaps Mayhew has been given permission to show a new, emotionally wrecked Chewie for Episode VIII.

The last we saw of Chewbacca was in aiding Rey to find Luke Skywalker in the closing moments of The Force Awakens.

Given Disney's record in teasing details to fans over a full year of production, maybe the first hint of Episode VIII's action will involve Mayhew revealing a hardened, vengeance-filled Chewie, complete with balding fur and new scars?

Likelihood: 1/5 Roars

He'll be announcing a new film

Disney is expected to reveal more news on a yet-to-be-named Han Solo spin-off film, set to explore the origins of the galaxy's favourite smuggler.

Chewbacca will undoubtedly be involved (we're hoping we get to find out how the two met, and why they're such good pals), but Mayhew will surely be passing on the follicled baton to a new actor. 

Perhaps he's about to announce more on the new Han Solo film, and who will be replacing him.

Likelihood: 2/5 Roars

He knows the name of the new film

One major detail yet to be announced for Episode VIII is the final title - with Disney leaving it late in the day considering it's out in December 2017.

They could be giving Mayhew the honour of revealing the title of the next episode - which itself could get your brain stirring as to why that might be. 

If Mayhew gets the gig, we'd bank on it being his final film in the franchise, meaning he could soon go the way of Han Solo.

Likelihood: 4/5 Roars

He'll be auctioning the original script

This would be a lot less exciting, but cool nonetheless.

Given that the "big announcement" was teased with the old script, it could relate to that very item - either taking the form of Mayhew revealing a plot element that never made it into the final cut (though people have been able to see the old script before, so this is unlikely) or he's just about to auction his own for charity.

Likelihood: 3/5 Roars

You're going to have to keep your eyes pinned on Mayhew's twitter feed to find out...