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The Chapar: Shopping, Evolved

Hand-picked clothing direct to your door

The Chapar: Shopping, Evolved
04 October 2012

Two things strike the fear of God into men when it comes to clothes shopping. 1. Other people. 2. Not having a blooming clue what you're doing.

If either or both of the above apply to you, we could have the answer. The Chapar is a service by which a professional stylist calls you on the phone and asks about your style tastes. Your fashion yeas and nays. What brands you like, what you don't. What colours and fabrics you gravitate towards and what you'd like to wear more of. Simple questions that you answer as best you can. No worries if you can't offer up much.

Two days later a trunk is couriered to you, packed with clothes they think you'll like, wonderfully separated into individual looks, with a handwritten note explaining what works with what and why. It's then your choice to pick what you want to buy, if anything.

It shouldn't work. It really shouldn't. But it does. The selections made for us were eerily accurate to our tastes, but also pushed us slightly more when it comes to wardrobe. Asked us to be a little braver. Not much, but certainly more than if we were shopping for ourselves.

James Harvey Kelly is head of personal styling. A bespoke tailor by trade, Harvey Kelly is trained in the ancient art of interpreting a man’s style needs and has trained his team of stylists in personal style interpretation to offer men a club where their bespoke style needs are met and they can get assistance evolving their look.

The style team works with a mixture of classics brands including Lubiam, Hartford, John Smedley, Emmett Shirts, Sunspel, Riding High, Dockers, Hentsch Man, Vicomte A and Levi's.

We were very impressed.

The Chapar