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A special Brexit edition of 'Wife Swap' is on Channel 4 later this week

This is going to go terribly - we can't wait

A special Brexit edition of 'Wife Swap' is on Channel 4 later this week

On my list of reality TV shows that are no longer on but I need to come back, Wife Swap is near the top. In case you were wondering, the others are: Faking It, The Club, Brat Camp, Beauty and the Geek, Holiday Showdown, Ladette to Lady, Club Reps, Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, The Pick-Up Artist, The Valleys and Mark Wright's Hollywood Nights (haha no only joking about that last one).

In case you never watched it (BIG mistake, buddy), Wife Swap’s premise involved two families, well, swapping their wives for two weeks. During week one, the wife would have to go by the family’s existing rules, but then in week two they would be able to impose their own rules. It was amazing, I loved it, I still love it and I want it back.

Well my wish has been granted for one night – this Thursday (15 June) Channel 4 are bringing it back for a one-off Brexit special. So that’s a hard remainer and a hard Brexiter swapping families for two weeks. Will the wives clash with the families? (yes) Will they sort out their differences? (no) And will anybody learn any lessons? (probably not – maybe one of the kids or something).

Channel 4 editor Emily Jones told the BBC: "Wife Swap was largely about how people chose to run their homes, but it always had political undertones,

"Now the world has changed and recent events have brought political issues into the heart of every household."

To say that I am excited about this would be an understatement – the families were always chosen for their differing views, and this very British disagreement will be perfect fuel for the fire.

Also, it’ll be another chance to listen to the amazing theme tune, which is also near the top of my list of reality TV shows with the best theme songs. In case you were wondering, the others are: Holiday Showdown, Dragon’s Den, Big Brother, and the undisputed king of reality TV show theme tunes:

I mean seriously, what a tune.

(Image: Channel 4)