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Chanel transforms lavender for its new men’s scent

From low-end ingredient to luxury fragrance

Chanel transforms lavender for its new men’s scent
Danielle de Wolfe
02 October 2011

In the Twenties, Coco Chanel ordered miles of a material only previously deemed suitable for labourers. The fabric was jersey and, despite the fashion world scoffing, she created a high-end dress that has become a style icon.

All very well and good, but what place does that story have in a men’s magazine 90 years later? Well, it’s a trick Chanel wants to pull off again, but this time with a male fragrance.

Named ‘Jersey’ in honour of the company’s earlier landmark achievement, the maligned ingredient given a boost is lavender. Treated correctly, cut delicately and distilled with care, Chanel believes the flower could form the basis of a sophisticated scent. And this is the result. Priced at £100 for 75ml and £180 for 200ml, it’s available exclusively from Chanel boutiques, London’s Selfridges and House Of Fraser in Glasgow.