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Celine Dion's done a song for 'Deadpool 2' and it's a full-on certified banger

She got an Oscar for 'Titanic', and this beats that hands-down

Celine Dion's done a song for 'Deadpool 2' and it's a full-on certified banger
03 May 2018

Deadpool’s funny, isn’t it? Just, like, as a thing. Everything that comes out surrounding the character and the films is just really funny. For the first film they did a whole spoof ad campaign making it look like a beautiful romantic drama so people would go and see it and be horrified. For the sequel, they’ve brought in the big guns. The woman behind the theme tune to what was for ages the biggest film in history is on board. Celine Dion, Canada’s finest export, Las Vegas’s highest-ever paid entertainer and one-time Eurovision winner on behalf of Switzerland, has performed a song for the film, complete with a beautifully shot, exquisitely choreographed video.

Like, plenty of films would have a bit where a power ballad was used in a mildly ironic way, but for this film they actually got Celine Dion to record a power ballad for their film and make a video for it.

And it’s a genuine banger. Nobody knows more about power ballads than Brian Mahoney, who runs the insanely popular club night Ultimate Power

“This song is, to put it mildly, an utter banger,” he says. “When you see Celine Dion trending, you start to worry for obvious reasons, but thank God the reason this time is that she has decided to bless the world with another monster power ballad, building from a restrained beginning to full-on blast as the drums kick in for chorus 2. 

“This is actually a relatively subtle track, compared to the likes of My Heart Will Go On (but then so is every other song ever), but the vocal is flawless, the arrangement beautiful and the production is surprisingly contemporary, with some nice deft electronic touches in Verse 2.”

Deadpool 2 is out on May 15th

(Pic: Getty/Rex)