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Car thief pocket-calls 911

Literally has himself to blame

Car thief pocket-calls 911

Police have arrested a car theft suspect in Washington state after he accidentally “pocket-dialled” 911 several times.

It started when a dispatcher received a 911 call on March 14th that seemed to be accidental. They listened as a group of men had a conversation that seemed to be about stealing cars.

The phone was tracked to downtown Renton, where a Toyota 4Runner was later reported stolen.

About four days later the police received two similar 911 calls from the same phone, in which they heard two men talking about the stolen Toyota and a set of “stolen rims” on another car, which turned out to be a stolen Honda the police found abandoned later that day.

The fourth pocket call came on April 1st and the phone was traced to an apartment building in Renton Highlands and to 40-year-old Wesley Strom – the pocket-caller. He told police his phone accidentally dials 911 a lot and admitted to having been in stolen cars including the Toyota and the Honda.

Strom was arrested and charged with possession of the two stolen cars. His bail was set at $70,000.

If you often hang around in stolen cars, maybe don’t have the cops on speed-dial? Just a suggestion

(Image: Rex Features)

[via UPI]