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Captivating Movie Vehicle Illustrations

Captivating Movie Vehicle Illustrations

Captivating Movie Vehicle Illustrations
13 October 2014

Long after we've forgotten the names of the supporting characters, the poster tagline and producer credit, there's one facet that we're bound to remember about a well made movie - the vehicular star. From the model year to the colour option, whether fantastical or as real as your neighbour's Honda, an iconic vehicle can be as important to the identity of a film as its lead actor.

Just take a look at the work of French illustrator Nicolas Bannister and you'll get the idea. Without referencing the title of the film or brandishing the face of the Hollywood A-lister it starred, you're instantly transported to the world of each of these cult classics via the rear end of their vehicle of choice.

From Kit to the Millennium Falco, the Tardis to the Batmobile, you don't have to be a Top Gear obsessive to get misty eyed over these rides.

The below works are taken from the recent Banncar exhibit in Marseille, France. Be sure to check out Bannister's Banncar site to see more of the series. 

(Images: Banncars)

[Via: Geek Art]