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Canceled! Netflix's amazing-sounding A-list serial killer film scrapped

We can add another one to the Netflix canceled list...

Canceled! Netflix's amazing-sounding A-list serial killer film scrapped
Marc Chacksfield
05 December 2023

Netflix is infamous for canceling TV shows in their prime, but it's rare for the streamer to cancel something before it even happens. But that is what has happened to upcoming movie, Average Height, Average Build.

This serial killer comedy was set to star two superhero heavyweights. Both Robert Pattinson and Robert Downey Jr were tied to the project, but it is no longer going ahead after director Adam McKay left the project - according to Variety.

This is a huge blow for Netflix. Adam McKay is responsible for Don't Look Up at Netflix, which is the second-most watched movie on the streaming service, ever. It is only behind Red Notice, in terms of popularity so there would have been huge - and valid - expectations that this would have been a smash hit.

McKay is also responsible for the likes of The Big Short, Vice and The Other Guys, so you can guess the type of movie that he was hoping to make for Netflix.

Canceled! Netflix's amazing-sounding A-list serial killer film scrapped
Don't Look Up is the second-most popular movie on Netflix. Image Credit: Netflix

The plot of Average Height, Average Build is an eye opener - it's about a serial killer who hires a lobbyist to change the laws over murder, so he can keep on killing. Pattinson was set for the serial killer role, Downey Jr the cop on his tail.

While it's uncertain what McKay will do instead of the Netflix movie, Deadline believes that he will be going back to the themes of Don't Look Up and working on a climate change project.

The news of the canceled Netflix film comes out at a time when Netflix was licking its wounds over another project that never saw the light of day.

Despite spending some $55 million on a sci-fi TV show, created by the director of Ronin 47, it is now thought that the show will not be going ahead.

When it comes to cancelations of shows that have seen the light of day, it was revealed recently that Netflix has decided not to go ahead with news seasons of the following: Shadow And Bone, Agent Elvis, Farzar, Glamorous and Captain Fall.