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You'll soon be able to play Call of Duty in virtual reality

PSVR players will be getting an extra deep-space combate treat from the new title

You'll soon be able to play Call of Duty in virtual reality

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare isn't your average Call of Duty game. 

It's got spaceships. It's got gravity grenades. It's got combat rigs - all of which you can see in the trailer above. 

For PlayStation 4 players set to splash out on the console's new VR headset (coming 13 October), it's also got the franchise's first taste of virtual reality in the form of Call of Duty: Jackal Assault.

Shown off at the Call of Duty XP competition in Los Angeles, the new Jackal Assault experience sees players strap into the cockpit of a Jackal space fighter jet, shown off in the game's initial trailers. Players will swoop around in Earth's orbit, engaging with other spacecraft in sci-fi dog fights.

The experience will be free for all PlayStation VR owners, and it doesn't appear there are any plans to bring the mini-game to PC players who own the likes of an Oculus Rift or HTV Vive. 

No, it's not going to give you a killer edge for your competitive multiplayer skills, but it's a neat extra to break up the standard CoD experience. We can't wait to get stuck into it when the game arrives on 4 November.