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Cadbury release limited edition white Creme Egg – with huge cash prize if you find one

Real life Willy Wonka stuff

Cadbury release limited edition white Creme Egg – with huge cash prize if you find one
Tom Victor
03 January 2018

Given up chocolate for January, have you?

Pledged to cut down on sugary snacks, is it?

Well it was fun while it lasted, because Cadbury have launched a new promotion that will make your no chocolate drive a thing of the past. And just after you’d completed the chocolate bar challenge, too.

What’s the deal? Well, there’s a white Creme Egg now, with a Willy Wonka-esque race to find the limited number of the things.

According to Cadbury, white chocolate eggs will be hidden randomly among stocks of the regular ones, along with a voucher that marks you out as the winner.

If you find one of the limited number of them then you’ll get up to £2,000 in cash, providing you hang on to the voucher and the original packaging.

Think of it as a slightly less glamorous golden ticket, but with a pretty decent prize at the end of it all.

A total of 364 white Creme Eggs will be spread evenly across branches of Co-Op, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, and a selection of independent stores.

The one-off £2,000 egg will be at a Co-Op store, while 34 will make the person who finds them £1,000 richer (14 at Sainsbury’s, seven at Tesco and 13 at independent retailers).

There will also be more than 300 eggs worth £100 or £200, while all winners will also get 60p added on to their prize so they can go out and celebrate by buying another Creme Egg, which as we all know is officially a top 11 egg.

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(Main image: Cadbury)